Push & Hang - Picture Hanging Tool

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Take the stress and procrastination out of picture hanging! Push & Hang is the only tool that allows you to put two nails into the wall, perfectly level, perfectly even, at the same time, no other tools needed! The nails install at the correct angle and depth to hold your picture securely, and align precisely with D-rings, triangles, sawtooths or other fixtures on the back of your picture. An included level on sliding track ensures a perfectly level installation. No more hunting down tape measures, levels, drill, screws, screws, or even hammers, and no more smashed thumbs! Push & Hang comes with 12 standard #17 nails (brads) which can be replenished at any hardware store. Magnetic holders keep your nails in place, eliminating lost or dropped nails, until you are ready to install. Just slip in the nails, then use one “punch-like” motion and you’re done. It’s that simple!


Installs in 3 easy steps.

Step1 : Insert magnetic nails.

Comes with standard-sized nails that are magnetized to slip inside and stay there.


Step 2: Align with the wall.

Using the built-in level and sliding ruler, place Push & Hang anywhere on a wall where you’d like your art to hang.


Step 3: Easily push in the nails.

Gently push the green handles into the wall and your nails go in perfectly every time.

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