Versa Wall Organizer Coming Soon

Hangman Products’ new Versa Wall modular organizing system will turn any room in the home--garage, kitchen, craft room, or kids room--into a showroom of efficiency.

Finally, an organizing system for the whole family.

If you have been scooting past boxes in the garage, only to dig through cluttered drawers for the tool you need, are up to your ears in kids drawings, crafts, and toys, or you feel if you could just get organized you could run your own chef-crafted kitchen, you need to see the new system from home innovator Hangman Products.

The Versa Wall Organizer is a shockingly simple-to-mount wall system that adapts to almost any organizing challenge.

The starter kit is 4’ x 4’ and consists of 4 slat-wall tracks, 3 sheets of pegboard and 2 side angles, and installs entirely with screws, no wall anchors.

The pegboard and slat-wall function as independent hanging systems, so you can specialize your system to suit your needs. The pegboard can be used as a hanging backdrop, or part of it can be traded out for chalkboards, dry erase boards or corkboards. The incredible slat-wall system offers a staggering array of hanging options. Hangman Products makes versatile, locking slat-wall peg hooks which keep your hooks on the wall and release only your item. Hangman makes five sizes of clamshell holders to fit on those hooks, so you can empty those coffee cans and jars of nails, screws, connectors, crafts, lock them into a clamshell, and snap them into the slatwall for easy storage and reach.

For heartier items, Hangman makes the Tool Caddy, a shelf with specially drilled holes to hold screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, and other hand tools. Or the Safety Shelf, a shelf that snaps into the slat-wall and is outlined with a ledge to keep items from rolling off. It will hold bulky tools or paint products, or priceless mementoes or pictures.

Papers, drawings, pictures, plans, designs--all of these can be handled by the Clip Strip, which snaps handily into the slat-wall and will not release items unless you want it to.

The system is modular, so is endlessly expandable.

Most amazingly, you can install the Versa Wall with nothing but a screwdriver or power screwdriver--true?. Holes are drilled into the slat-wall extrusion one inch apart, all the way across, so your installation is guaranteed to hit studs. If you want to cover bare studs, it can be an attractive addition, or can be applied over drywall.

The Versa Wall products will be available online by mid-February, and in retail stores soon.