“I have tried the Hangman System, the Frame/Canvas Hanger and the Aluminum Frame Hanger myself and think highly enough of them to have them featured products in my syndicated home improvement show, Ron Hazelton’s House Calls. The simplicity of installation, integrated level, horizontal adjustability and load capacity make it a terrific system for hanging just about anything and one my viewers are going to really appreciate.”
- Ron Hazelton, House Calls
“The Hangman hanging systems is the best way to hang heavy artwork that I have ever seen. My work is extremely heavy, before I started using the Hangman system I actually had a 120 lb. Fusion Art Kaleidoscope fall off the wall at the Museum of Contemporary Art – Ouch!!! Now I only use Hangman! I would recommend them without reservation to all of the museums, galleries and collectors that I work with.”
- Max Gold Father of Fusion Art
“I needed a bracket to hang a (bed) headboard I was building directly to a cement wall. Headboard was 20” x 60” x ½” plywood, add the foam, fabric etc. The guy in Home Depot says ‘Try this French Cleat, we just got it in’ Tried it, worked like a charm… headboard snug up against the wall, great product!”
- Carl, Customer
“This hanging device is the best invention I have encountered. With sizes for all weights, we can hang everything perfectly with the leveling device built in.”
- Margaret and Michael, Indiana
“A very useful tethering device to take care of the ever present danger of falling furniture in your home. Easy to install can be done in 15 minutes and will give you piece of mind.”
- Bob Lambert, President of Katie Elise Lambert Foundation
“Because I do the ‘Worst’, I should know the ‘Best’ and it is Hangman that’s Leveling with you”
- Mr. Blackwell, author “Ten Worst Dressed Women”
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