New Innovation: Elephant Hook

Hangman Products To Redefine Ceiling Hooks With Revolutionary Elephant Hook.

Hangman Products has created the simplest, strongest, easiest, safest ceiling hook ever made, available soon on our website.

The Elephant Hook, named for its distinctive shape, is so revolutionary in its design it will change the way you view what you can hang from the ceiling, and how you organize your home, patio, or garage. Depending on the model, it will hold between 20 and 50 pounds in drywall or plaster, or up to 100 pounds in a solid wood beam.

The Elephant Hook requires only two steps for installation. Using either a Hangman double-headed Bear Claw wood screw, or double-headed machine screw for anchors, install the screw or bolt, click and lock the Elephant Hook, done. The Elephant Hook will swivel, but locks under tension.

The Elephant Hook is available in white, nickel, bronze to match any decor.

The Elephant Hook joins the might of Hangman’s powerful line of hanging products, including Hangman Walldog Screws, Bear Claw Hangers, Monkey Hooks, and its award-winning picture hangers and TV mounts.