No Stud Floating Shelf

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The No Stud Floating Shelf allows you to create a beautiful, finished look in your home, whether you are an accomplished DIYer or have only hung posters! Our groundbreaking hanging system empowers anyone to hang a shelf in minutes, with no other tool than a hammer.

Our breakthrough No Stud System uses the same technology that has mounted millions of mirrors, pictures, and TVs worldwide. Using an aircraft-grade aluminum bracket and nails that pierce the drywall at a specific angle, the shelf hangs flush and tight against the wall - no sagging or drooping. An included level ensures it hangs level as well.

When it's time to remove the shelf, the nails leave only tiny pinholes, making damage nearly invisible and easy to repair.

The No Stud Floating shelf has a modern feel, but its simple lines complement any decor and palette.

Constructed of high-quality aircraft-grade US aluminum, with a durable powder-coated finish that is easy to clean.

Weight Rating: 12" Holds 20 lbs.; 18" Holds 30 lbs.; 24" Holds 40 lbs; 36" Holds 50 lbs., 48" Holds 60 lbs.

All lengths have 4.125" interior shelf width, 4.625" total depth, 2.5" height.

Aircraft-grade aluminum with a durable powder coated finish.

Limited quantities of dye-sublimated finish.

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Hardware Information

All hardware included: Includes wall bracket, level, nails, and shelf.