No Stud Technology New

No Stud Technology™ was designed with one goal in mind — easier is better. All of our products have easy-to-follow instructions and require only one tool; a hammer. Our first goal was to remove the headache that often plagues hanging wall decor.

Our No Stud Technology™ uses tiny nails and aircraft grade aluminum brackets to hang anything flush and secure to the wall. The built-in bubble level track makes
sure the installation is level every time. The No Stud Wall Bracket guides the nails into the wall at the precise angle that eliminates the need for wall studs.

The No Stud Wall Bracket also boasts an impressively strong holding power. Our customers have been able to hang almost anything with peace of mind.

The No Stud™ product line solves another headache: wall damage. Utilizing only one inch wire nails, our products leave virtually no damage once removed.