Reversible No Stud Floating Shelf

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The Reversible No Stud Floating Shelf allows you to easily decorate your home with minimal damage, strong holding power, and multiple looks! Hang it in minutes on any drywall, plaster or paneled wall. Hang it upright with a safety edge and a 5.875" shelf depth, or flip it over for a seamless look and a little more surface area (6.375"). Once installed, the No Stud Floating Shelf holds up to 20 lbs. and will not sag!

Hardware Information

18" - Dimensions: 3" height x 18" length x 6.375" depth

24" - Dimensions: 3" height x 24" length x 6.375" depth

36" - Dimensions: 3" height x 36" length x 6.375" depth

48" - Dimensions: 3" height x 48" length x 6.375" depth

All lengths have (5.875" interior shelf width)